About Me

Marlene Dworkind, B.A., M.Ed.

marleneI am a Psychologist in Private Practice with over 35 years of active experience. I specialize in the assessment and diagnosis of Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder. My clients range in age from Kindergarten to post-University. As a member of the Ordre of Psychologists of Quebec, my assessments are covered by private insurance plans.

Over the years, I have taught numerous courses at the College and University levels. I was also an Assistant Professor at McGill University in the Faculty of Education (Dept. of Educational Psychology) for 10 years.

After graduating from McGill, I worked as a Guidance Counsellor at several elementary and high schools in both the Montreal area and surroundings. As an Educational Psychologist at Concordia University for several years, I gained experience with the adult university population.

I have presented numerous workshops to teachers and parents in the areas of Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. In addition, I was an Educational Consultant and member of the multimodal research team at the Montreal Children’s Hospital’s study of ADHD. Furthermore, I was involved in a research project for Montreal’s four universities, comparing English/French tests involved in the assessment of adults with learning disabilities.

Marlene Dworkind is the consummate professional and instantly makes you feel comfortable and at ease. She assisted me with diagnosing a long standing learning disability that was overlooked when I was a child. As a result, I was able to obtain much needed accommodations for a recent exam that I had to take and subsequently passed.

– 33 year old management consultant at major accounting firm

About The Practice

My clientele ranges from Kindergarten to post-University.

The assessments are conducted over several sessions (3-4) and include an intake session as well as 6-8 hours of direct evaluation, and finally a feedback session.

The cost varies depending on the grade level of the student.

My colleague, Christine Saykaly, is a fluently bilingual psychologist who conducts assessments in both English and French.

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